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We can supply and install your underfloor heating for you, if local to the Scottish Borders, or if you wish to self-install or have your plumber do the work we can supply all the components you will need. We provide ongoing technical support and advice so if you get stuck, we're available by phone. The system we provide is the one we consider to be the best available on the UK market today, and if you buy from us we will become your safety net to a successful underfloor heating installation.

Please note: The guarantee information provided below only applies to a system supplied by us.

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Each underfloor heating system supplied by us carries a full ten-year manufacturer's warranty covering all incidental losses and damage to property directly attributable to manufacturing defects of the pipes, manifolds, valves and floorwarming components attached to them. This level of cover far exceeds NHBC guarantees. The ten year guarantee excludes all pumps, electrically operated valves, and all other electrical control components. These items will carry their own manufacturer's guarantee.

photo of underfloor heating in beam and block floor

In addition, the Pex underfloor heating pipe is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a further forty years, giving a total of fifty years cover. In the unlikely event of pipe failure after the first ten years, our supplier shall replace faulty pipe and we shall install new pipe into a prepared floor free of charge.

photo of underfloor heating installer

Borders Underfloor Heating undertake to install the underfloor heating components in a first class professional manner in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the guidelines set out in the Underfloor Heating Design & Installation Guide published by the Domestic Building Services Panel of CIBSE.

We guarantee our work without limit of time. If a problem develops as a result of underfloor heating pipe installation carried out by us we shall rectify the problem. If it goes wrong, you phone us, we put it right.

Work carried out by other trades, or pipe installation carried out by others, is not covered by our guarantee.

We have public liability indemnity insurance to the value of £2,000,000.

When we provide a quotation, we supply details of the achievable temperatures for each room or circuit in a property. Each room is individually controllable and the temperatures given for each room are guaranteed to be attainable down to -5 deg C based on the information supplied by the client when requesting a quotation. These achievable temperatures are guaranteed without limit of time by our suppliers who indemnify the design.

The guaranteed achievable temperatures are based on information regarding glazing, insulation, and 'u' values provided by you or your architect.

photo of intelligent control thermostat


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Underfloor heating supplied and installed throughout the UK by Borders Underfloor Heating.
Our system carries a full ten year all risks guarantee!
Quality comes as standard.

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