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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

What underfloor heating can do for you, as well as save you money and increase the value of your property.

Yes, there really is more! Your choice of heating system for your new home is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. You need to get it right first time as it's a permanent fixture and can't be changed later like a kitchen or other fixtures.

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underfloor heating pipe layout drawing

It is totally invisible and eliminates the need for radiators, allowing complete freedom of room design and decoration.
You'll increase your usable floor area because unlike radiators you don't have to leave room for the heat to come out.
It is silent running. Ask a person who already has underfloor heating and they'll tell you they never know when the heating is on or off because their property is always at a comfortable temperature.
It does not have an adverse effect on antique furniture because unlike radiators it does not dry out the air.

It will last the lifetime of the building, save you about 20% on fuel bills compared to a radiator system, and a fraction of the cost of a fitted kitchen.
For larger properties the savings can be as high as 40%, making it ideal for commercial projects.
The system runs on lower water temperatures and is ideal for use with modern high efficiency condensing boilers and renewable energy devices such as ground source heat pumps.
The overall energy savings make underfloor heating kind to the environment as well as your budget.
It is perfect for areas with high ceilings because the heat is where the people are and not at ceiling height.

radiant heat diagram

It is healthier. The air is not dried out as with radiators, the humidity being typically 12% higher than with a conventional heating system.
There are no convection currents to drag unhealthy dust particles around the room.
It is safer. Avoiding the use of radiators means there are no sharp edges or very hot surfaces.
Perfect where there are small children and the elderly.
Particularly beneficial to asthma sufferers, or those affected by arthritis.


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Underfloor heating supplied and installed throughout the UK by Borders Underfloor Heating.
Our system carries a full ten year all risks guarantee!
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