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Welcome to our underfloor heating web site. We work hard to make it as informative and interesting as possible, as well as easy to navigate. We are an independent underfloor heating installation company based in the Scottish Borders, supplying quality, reliable underfloor heating systems UK wide. We also supply heat pumps and solar panels.

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photo of hippo

Would you choose to have a hippopotamus in every room of your house? Of course not, no. Well a radiator takes up as much room as a hippopotamus and is almost as attractive to look at. The other thing about them is that in these days of rapidly rising fossil fuel prices, radiators are expensive to run as well, taking lots of your hard-earned cash to keep you warm. Underfloor heating costs up to 20% less to run, even if you're running a traditional boiler.

The savings in fuel alone are enough to convince people to install underfloor heating as opposed to outdated radiator systems, and the more fuel prices rise, the more you would save. And if you would like to save even more, you should seriously consider using renewable energy devices to provide your hot water, heating, and perhaps also your electrical requirements.

We don't deny that underfloor heating costs a bit more to install than radiators, but it's probably not as much of a difference as you think. Subtract the difference from the extra that radiators will cost you to run, and underfloor heating will come out a clear winner in the economy stakes. See our case studies for an interesting costing exercise we did.

If you enjoy Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' as much as we do, you'll no doubt have noticed that most of the projects covered have underfloor heating. The days of the radiator are undoubtedly numbered in new buildings as architects find it increasingly difficult to achieve the required 'u' values.

photo of tiled cafeteria floor

Underfloor heating is ideal for any project, from a simple conservatory or house extension, to a large warehouse, shopping centre, airport, football pitch, car park ramp, or swimming pool. It is particularly effective in areas with high ceilings or open galleries as the heat is where you are... on the floor, not up at the ceiling!

photo overview of underfloor heating in slab and screed floor

photo of modern house with cedar cladding

We concentrate our energy on your heating requirements. We have installed all possible permutations of underfloor heating in all types of floor construction. When you use us to supply and/or install your underfloor heating you are investing in the sum total of our combined knowledge and expertise. Because we know all about underfloor heating, we are your safety net to a successful project.

photo of modern house with lots of full height glazing

You could combine your system with a heat pump, which is a device that replaces a carbon fuelled boiler. Heat pumps extract energy from the ground or the outside air and convert that to heat water, both for your space heating and your domestic hot water.

You could also link solar panels, a log burning stove, etc. into your system. Using a buffer store, you can combine multiple heat sources to supply your underfloor heating and lots of lovely hot water. For more information on renewable energy devices, please visit our renewable energy page.


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