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We like our clients to get to know us, and in doing so understand our sincerity and why we're here. When you employ us, you don't just get our years of experience, you get our personal attention to your project. We don't believe in hard sell, partly because we're put off by hard sell ourselves, and partly because our product and services sell themselves by word of mouth. Some of our clients have become friends, and others give us repeat business, particularly the serial self-builders! We live in a development where all our neighbours have our system in their homes, and some would say that's brave, but we're confident of the work we've done, and the reliability of the system. When a neighbour knocks on the door, it must be time for a tea break.

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photo of Simon Currie

Simon is a very creative person with vast technical, and hands-on knowledge of underfloor heating, plumbing, electrical and general building practice. He is particularly keen to encourage people to use as many energy efficient devices as possible, or at least make provision for adding them later. We now install heat pumps and solar panels, and are happy to give advice on how you can team up a variety of heat sources to meet your demand for heating and domestic hot water.

"Quality comes as standard" is a phrase Simon lives up to with all of his work, whether it's an industrial building, a conservatory, or a bird table. Prior to founding the company in 2000, he was working as an industrial inspector in the oil and gas industry. This line of work required close attention to detail, and as a result Simon is meticulous in his work. He personally ensures that every system we install is up to his exacting standards, as you can see from the photos on this web site and in our brochure.  Simon goes to great lengths to ensure that the level of service we provide is up to the standard he would expect himself.

photo of Pauline Whyte

Pauline is a versatile individual, who joined the company in 2001 and is a real 'people person'. Most often it's Pauline who answers the phone and you will find her helpful and friendly.  Clients have been known to call, not about underfloor heating, but for moral support.

In the early days Pauline used to lend a hand on-site laying pipe, so she knows firsthand what's involved. Her technical knowledge of underfloor heating is almost as in-depth as Simon's, so don't be shy to ask her technical questions. Nowadays the office is so busy that she's rarely on site as she's juggling a wide variety of hats.

Pauline's background is varied, but prior to joining Borders Underfloor Heating she worked offshore in the oil industry, setting up safety management and competence administration systems.

Pauline's mantra is "We leave our clients with a warm feeling", because that's the way she believes we should all be with each other. We may well be the most reliable and caring people you've had working on your project.

graphic of clasped hands painted to look like Earth

We've got a great team of people behind us, whose support is invaluable. In fact, they're more like family than colleagues. And that's what you get if you employ us to supply your system, whether we install it or not. Our suppliers and manufacturers are family businesses, right down the line, and they are as aware of their responsibility for the environment as we are.

We're passionate about caring for the environment and will do all we can to help you keep your carbon footprint to more of a fingerprint. We've seen, first hand, how the manufacturers of the manifolds and their accoutrements operate recycling procedures for any waste from the manufacturing process.

As aspiring self-builders we know how important it is that you are armed with as much knowledge as you can absorb. It's better to begin your research as soon as you start planning your build, so that it can be drawn into the plans. We're here to help you, and the sooner you know what's involved, the sooner the communication of accurate information begins between ourselves and others involved in the process.

We put our energy into your heating requirements.

Energy is important, and not just the kind you use to heat and light your building. The energy we give off as individuals is also important in creating the ambience of a building. We believe in conscious co-creation, we're keen recyclers, and even grow our fruit and veg bio-dynamically. From our perspective we're all here to help each other to enjoy life as much as possible, as well as to sustain life for future generations by taking care of the planet. We actively encourage our customers to insulate their buildings as much as possible, and install appropriate renewable energy devices from the outset, or at least put everything in place to allow for adding them later. For example, it doesn't cost much to buy a solar cylinder instead of a normal one, and run flow and return pipes to the attic for connecting to the solar water panels later. All in all, we'll look after your project as if it were our own.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you. Through you, we are raising funds to build a centre of co-creation where people can recharge their personal batteries, get a taste of who they really are, and perhaps change their lives from just going with the flow, to creating the experiences of peace, love, abundance, and good health, that they would prefer.

photo of the Directors wearing We Are All One T-shirts
On the beach at Shambala, Findhorn

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