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If this is your first project, this page is for you, and we hope it helps. In all cases it's best if your underfloor heating is planned from the outset, and if you specify underfloor heating when you appoint an architect, they should draw it into your plans prior to presenting them for planning permission. If you want an energy efficient home then underfloor heating is the natural choice, especially if you couple it with a geothermal heat pump and other renewable energy devices.

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There are lots of people on site who need information to do with how your underfloor heating is installed, so that they know how their work is affected, or not. Our quotes contain a lot of information you need to pass on to others involved in your project that may help them to quote for their involvement. It's in your interest to make sure that you pass on the information to the right person, and this page is a guideline to who needs to know what.

Project Manager
As the lynch pin of your build, the project manager needs to know and co-ordinate everything and everyone on site. Once you have made your decisions, pass all of the information from your chosen contractors to the project manager. Tell him or her everything, because to co-ordinate the project on your behalf, and thereby ensure that everything is on-time, they need to know it all. Making timely decisions is important, not only to have your project complete on time and on budget, but also to ensure harmonious relationships with everyone on-site.

If you're managing the project yourself, you need to pass information on to the relevant trades, and also be open to receiving communication from them.

photo overview of underfloor heating in slab and screed floor

Main Contractor
This is most often the builder, or sometimes the joiner. They need to relay information to other trades, so be sure to pass it on. If we are sending information direct to you, and particularly if you decide to order from us, we will send more details, and you should pass it on. Better to give too much information and allow people to say, "That's not my remit, but you should tell that to...", than not tell them enough and spring it on them later.

photo of underfloor heating in slab plus screed for prepared for hardwood

Your builder needs the floor construction diagrams, which show how the floor pipes are incorporated into the floor and give information about concrete mixes, as well as the type and quantity of insulation to fit. Some insulation is not suitable, and the diagrams draw attention to this.

If you are installing underfloor heating in a suspended timber floor, your joiner will need the appropriate floor construction diagram. Please note that different insulation will be required, depending on whether your suspended timber floor is the ground floor or the upper floor.

close-up photo of underfloor heating in suspended timber floor

At the quotation stage we supply general information about how underfloor heating is plumbed to your boiler or renewable energy devices. There are two control options for the underfloor heating system itself, and once you have decided between them, you can pass the appropriate diagram from the quotation to the plumber.

If the plumber is installing the underfloor heating for you, all the information he needs will be in the manual supplied with the materials. Not all underfloor heating systems are the same, so it is important that the supplied instructions are followed carefully. If he does this, he can't go wrong.

The plumbing schematics in the quotation include basic information about the electrical connections and first fix wiring required. Again, once you have decided between standard or intelligent control, you can pass the appropriate diagram on to them. If you order from us you will be sent pipe layout drawings, an installation manual, wiring diagrams, and component specific instructions. If the instructions are followed closely it will result in a successful installation and your underfloor heating should start first time.

photo of intelligent control master console

If there is any doubt about any of the information we supply, we would rather someone contact us with what might seem to be a silly question, than for mistakes to be made that have to be analysed and rectified later. We are available for telephone technical support often even outside normal working hours, so if you are self-installing we'll be able to help as much as we can.

A note about using renewable energy devices:
If installing underfloor heating connected to renewable energy devices, the permutations are almost infinite, and we can discuss your options with you.

You might decide that you do not have the capital to install a heat pump or solar panels during the build, but we seriously recommend that you make provision for adding them later. We would hate for you to regret not doing so when the cost of future-proofing is far less than it would be to change everything later. This is particularly important if you hope to fit a ground source heat pump in the future because you will need more underfloor heating pipe in the floor.



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