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Underfloor Heating Case Studies ~ Burnside Lodge

Mr & Mrs Litherland and Mr Litherland's parents share one building that is actually two 3-bedroomed houses with a substantial communal family room between the two. All four of them had a very hands-on approach to their project, and did as much of the work as they could, which was inspiring to witness. The photos have larger versions to view by clicking on them.

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New build 2-in-1 house
6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 of everything else, + extra family room
Intelligent underfloor heating
Nibe Fighter 1120 12 kW single phase geothermal heat pump
Floor area: 359 sq.m.

2 in 1 house photo

The Litherlands had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve, and had drawn some floor layouts. They then approached the professionals to get plans drawn up for their planning application and found that they had even better ideas, which brought the whole concept together.

From the outset this house was to have underfloor heating and a geothermal heat pump to supply the heating and hot water. The family were always hopeful of low fuel bills, and they were soon to find out just how good it would get. And we were soon to install our first heat pump.

underfloor heating manifold photo

Installation of the underfloor heating began on 2nd March 2007 and continued in a number of separate phases until completed on 13th March 2007.

upstairs underfloor heating manifold photo

kitchen floor preparation photo

The photo above shows the kitchen floor marked out with the position of the units and island. It also shows the pipe for the cooker hob's gas supply channelled into the insulation. The black rails are the fixing rails for the underfloor heating pipes. The next photo shows the same area with the underfloor heating pipes installed.

kitchen underfloor heating pipes photo

underfloor heating in bathrooms photo

The above photo shows how the Litherlands had marked up the floors with partitions, fixtures and fittings prior to installation of the underfloor heating pipes.

underfloor heating floor stat photo

This photo shows where a floor sensor for a bathroom thermostat was to be fitted. The addition of a floor sensor allows a minimum floor temperature to be applied, allowing for warm floors all year round, even if the room has reached its air temperature target.

The heat pump was installed with two horizontal ground collectors of 300 metres each buried at a depth of 1 metre in the front garden. The heat pump delivers warm water to the underfloor heating at a typical temperature of between 25-35 deg C. It also produces all the domestic hot water.

heat pump photo

The photo above shows the primary pipework, with the hot water cylinder immediately behind it, through the wall. Mr Litherland senior is a very talented cabinet maker, and has created a writing bureau around the front of the heat pump and its pipework. To look at, you would never know that there was a heat pump behind it.

After monitoring their electricity use periodically, after the first year in their new home the Litherlands were delighted with the outcome of their energy efficient forward planning. Apart from some gas for their cooker hobs, their total fuel (electricity) bill amounted to around £1200 for the year, for the entire building, including heating, hot water, lighting, etc. Not bad at all for two 3-bedroomed houses!

More Photos

underfloor heating upstairs photo

suspended timber underfloor heating photo


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